Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Warm Bodies

So this week I saw “Warm Bodies”, which was a very unusual film.

It stars Nicholas Hoult, who is also starring in the upcoming adventure/fantasy film, “Jack the Giant Slayer”.  He plays “R” who is a very uncommon zombie.  The film is set sometime in the future after there has been a huge zombie epidemic, where the remaining humans are fighting for survival.  But unlike “The Walking Dead”, this movie has some cute humour to it by adding a funny twist on a classic love story.  During one of his zombie escapades, R meets Julie who is a human survivor, and he saves her from an attack.  This is very strange because zombies don’t have thoughts or emotions, and it doesn’t take Julie long to discover that R isn’t like the rest of the zombies she’s encountered.  She spends some time with him, and he shields her from the dangers outside, and they begin to form a special relationship.  R increasingly becomes more human, and it seems to have awoken something human inside of a lot of other zombies.  R and Julie believe that they may have discovered a cure to this epidemic, but they need to convince her father— who is kind of like a commander in chief to the zombie battle on the human side.

I’ll admit that this film is a little weird, but it touches base on some more important values, such as love, human connection, and hope.  There was a lady sitting in front of me who repeatedly kept commenting on how “silly” this film was.  Yes, it may be a little out there, but I think that’s what makes it good.  It’s quirky, original, and I can’t compare it to any other movie I have seen before.  I would recommend you all give it a shot and see this movie!  Maybe it doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, but you may surprise yourselves!

Here is a four minute clip from the beginning of the movie! It’s pretty funny!
Oh and be sure to check out the 85th Academy Awards, this Sunday on ABC at 7pm! Hosted by Seth MacFarlane!

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