Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Identity Thief & Oscar Talk

Well first I would like to chime in on the Oscars that aired this past Sunday. Here were some of the winners:

 Anne Hathaway won Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Les Mis√©rables

Christoph Waltz won Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Django Unchained

Best Director went to Ang Lee, for Life of Pi

The AMAZING Jennifer Lawrence one Best Actress in a Lead role for Silver Linings Playbook

Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor is a Lead Role for Lincoln

And Picture of the Year went to… ARGO OF COURSE!

I have to say that I agree with all the chosen winners.  They were all amazing films and well deserved.  I was most excited for Jennifer Lawrence, because if you haven’t noticed, I’m a HUGE fan.  She was simply adorable the way she fell on stage walking up to receive her Oscar.

But, onto todays review!

Last night I decided to see “Identity Thief”, which stars Melissa McCarthy, alongside Jason Bateman, John Favreau, and Amanda Peet.  Jason plays Sandy Bigelow Patterson, a modest account rep who lives in Denver, Colorado with his pregnant wife (Peet) and their two young daughters.  He works for a company where the top dogs get all the rewards, and the real workers get nothing.  He and a group of coworkers are tired of it and decide to take their clients and start their own branch together.  Sandy will be making triple the amount he is being paid now. 

All seems to be going perfectly until Sandy gets pulled into the police station because he is being accused for missing his court date for a truck load of charges.  Sandy insists that there must be a mistake and the police pull a mug shot of the person they are looking for.  This is when they discover that the “Sandy Bigelow Patterson” they are really looking for… is a woman.  It’s clear that this woman (McCarthy) has stolen the REAL Sandy’s identity, and has also been maxing out his credit cards.  They police also learn that because of this woman, Sandy’s name was used to buy drugs from a dangerous criminal.  Unfortunately the police can't do anything unless the identity thief was standing right there with them.  Sandy gets an idea. 

Earlier, Sandy had received a call from a women’s salon saying that he has an appointment on Friday in Florida.  He was confused at first, but after discovering that this identity thief was from Florida, he realizes that he can find her on his own.  Sandy decides that he will go down to Florida and bring her back to Denver where she can talk to his new boss, and clear his name— since he is at risk of being fired for all of these false charges. 

But Melissa McCarthy’s character is anything BUT cooperative.  This trip turns out to be more than Sandy bargained for as he tries everything to make sure that this woman returns back to Denver with him. 

In my books, the movie was okay.  I usually enjoy Jason Batemans sarcastic remarks, and Melissa McCarthy’s outrageous behaviour, but I really wasn’t overly impressed with this flick.  I found it to be a cheap attempt at being a comedic film.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the actors, but I wish it had been better.  Let’s just say, I wish I had saved my money and waited until it came out on DVD…

But regardless, here is a trailer for the film and a clip of charming Jennifer Lawrence talking about her Oscar experience.
Jennifer Lawrence and the Oscars
Identity Thief

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